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Richmond Park

An ancient royal hunting park, used by the kings and queens who lived in Richmond Palace,  and one of London's most splendid open spaces. Man has done little more than make roads through the parkland. Deer roam free under the old oak trees and may often be seen grazing in the distance. A very popular outing for Londoners on account of its size (over 800 ha.) and accessibility by car; a fine example of simple landscape management providing efficient semi-natural parkland and recreation. At the NE corner of the Royal Park, the skyline is broken by Roehampton housing - well grouped tall point blocks in a classical landscape of mature trees. This famous public housing development was planned at a time of much lower car ownership. Off Roehampton Lane.
Photograph ©
Photograph ©

Richmond upon Thames, Surrey, England, TW10 5HS

All year. Open 7am (7:30am in winter) to dusk.


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