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Bignor Roman Villa Garden

Bignor Roman Villa is a courtyard house in Sussex. It had a peristyle corridor enclosing a garden. The original layout of the garden is unknown but is shown on the model as near-baroque (and therefore unlikely) arrangement of paths, lawns and clipped hedges. The building began the 1st century and was extended (c 400) with a bast house, new rooms and a portico. The final phase was the north wing, which has fine mosaics and a room with a hexagonal ornamental pool. There are dancers on the mosaic and it may have been used for bathing.

A baroque-style reconstruction of Bignor Roman Villa Garden

Thatched cottages have been built to protect the mosaic floors of Bignor Roman Villa Garden

Mosaics round the pool in Bignor Roman Villa

Bignor Roman Villa, Bignor, Pulborough, West Sussex, England, RH20 1PH

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