The Garden Guide

Lenné, Peter Josef

Born - Died : 1789 - 1866

Peter Josef Lenné was an apprentice at Schloss Augustusburg and later became famous for his work at Sans Souci in Potsdam. He thought of converting the whole estate to a serpentine style but later became interested in the design of geometrical gardens. His views were recorded by his pupul Gustav Meyer "The amount of space to be used for laying out formally near the house must be dependent on the size and style of that house. At a country place it is necessary to have formal paths and a couple of rose-trees on the lawn. Palaces need more, but Nature must never be altered by clipping or the like, and Gothic buildings need very little regularity." Lenné also worked on Babelsberg in Potsdam and on Klein-Gliencke the Tiergarten in Berlin.

Gardens designed by Lenné, Peter Josef