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Hartwell House Hotel

A seventeenth/eighteenth century house set in a 90 acre park. The park is partly in the English form of the French (Baroque) Style and partly in the Serpentine Style of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, who worked here. It contains a number of eighteenth century pavilions and monuments: a Gothic Tower, an Ionic Temple, a statute of Hercules and an obilisk. Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe wrote that the estate represents 'a saga of historic landscape design: nearly all periods can be found... estate house, and gardens blossomed under the Tudors, and again in the eighteenth century, when James Gibbs was called in to reorganize the gardens and park'. The main avenue is planted with tall lime trees. The eighteenth century stone bridge over the lake was designed by James Paine. Until 1900, the bridge crossed the Thames at Kew. Gardens to visit while staing at Hartwell House Hotel include Stowe Landscape Garden (23 miles), Waddesdon Manor Garden (8 miles), West Wycombe Park (18 miles), Chenies Manor House (22 miles) and Blenheim Palace Garden (28 miles).

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Photograph © Hartwell House Hotel
Photograph © Hartwell House Hotel