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The Wave Garden

A private garden (with public access) at Richmond Point overlooking San Francisco Bay, designed by Victor Amador. Its snaking paths are visible on the satellite image if you zoom in on the location map below.

Head Gardener's Comment

This is by far my most personal piece of art. Working in concrete for over 26 years and giving the client exactly what they want opposed to being given complete freedom to create something unique, well, this garden is an example of what can be done with a little trust in the designers eye. Love of the work was behind every move I made.

Photograph © Victor Amador
Photograph © Victor Amador
Photograph © Victor Amador
Photograph © Charlotte Weychan
Photograph © Charlotte Weychan
Photograph © Charlotte Weychan


3 years ago I was ask to build a small path through a very raw garden, that path led to another path then to a wall and so on and so on. In the end there were over 800 linial feet of textured walls and walks. Once I completed all the hardscape, Robert Sharpe (blacksmith) was brought in to handcraft the most amazing handrails, each piece stuck in the fire and pounded into shape, next came Kelli Mcdonald with the plants. The universe was now alined and true beauty could now begin to grow. I would also like to thank all my labor force that dealt with many challenges.

Plants of note

Hundreds of drought tolerant plants from all over the world. For more details on the plants you can contact Kelli at (415)298-4735.
Some plants now drape my walls and carpet my walks, this is a true example of collaberation. Not only do the plants look beautiful, but also serve a purpose attracting thousands of bees and many butterflies and humming birds. Beauty AND function.

615 Western drive, Point Richmond, California, USA

All year.

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