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Villa Capra - Villa Rotunda

The most famous of Andrea Palladio’s villas stands on the crest of a small hill. Building began circa 1566 and the design is based on what Plato regarded as the primary geometrical forms: the circle and the square. The plan was illustrated and explained in the  Quattro Libri dell'Architettura. There are fine views of the surrounding countryside – and Palladio wished the villa to be in perfect harmony with the landscape. The northwest portico leads onto a straight carriage drive running to the principal gates.

The design of the Villa Rotunda and its landscape setting became a significant influence on the design Chiswick House by Lord Burlington and William Kent. Through them, it was also a key influence on the development of landscape gardens in England.

See comment by Tom Turner in English landscape design since 1650 

Villa Rotunda (Villa Capra), Photo courtesy Evan Chakroff

Villa Almerico-Capra, Via della Rotonda 45, Vicenza, Veneto, Italy

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