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Schloss Ettersburg, Weimar

The park is situated on the mountain Ettersberg north of Weimar. The Dukes of Weimar used Schloss and Park Ettersburg as a hunting lodge from the 17th century. Later Duchess Anna Amalia used Ettersburg as a summer residence which became known as the 'Musenhof' (Court of the Muse) of Weimar.  The Schloss is surrounded by two parterres and a landscape park in the English style. The outstanding feature of the park is a spectacular vista that leads eye all the way up to the top of a hill in the distance. It was created by one of the most famous landscape architects and garden designers of the 19th century, Prince Hermann Pückler von Muskau, with assistance from Eduard Petzold. Since 1999, a so-called 'Zeitschneise' links the site with the former nearby concentration camp Buchenwald.

Photograph © Marija Calden
Photograph © Marija Calden

Am Schloß 1, Ettersburg, South East, Germany, 99439

All year. Daily. Open dawn to dusk.


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