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Sarnath Deer Park and Bo Tree

Sarnath, near Varanassi, is the place where Lord Buddha preached his first sermon after becoming enlightened at Bodhgaya. Brahmin teaching (by the Hindu priestly caste) was associated with towns and villages. Buddhism, by contrast, was preached in parks and rural areas and had a particular appeal to the lower castes. Lord Buddha's first sermon is known as 'The Sermon in the Deer Park' - and the deer park survives at Sarnath. There are also lotus pools and a Bo Tree (or Bohdi Tree or Sacred Fig or Peepaul Tree - Ficus religiosa). The Bo Tree was grown from a cutting of the tree at Bodh Gaya where the Buddha received enlightenment. See also Buddhist gardens, landscape architecture and the environment and chart of Asian garden design styles.

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Varanasi, India

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