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Northumberlandia Landform Design Charles Jencks

Northumberlandia is a land sculpture of heroic proportions  designed Charles Jencks. It is 34m high and 400m in length.It was built 2010-11 using 1.5 million tonnes of soil and clay from the Shotton Surface Mine.  The project was funded by the Banks Group and Blagdon Estate. Jencks explains that "Northumberlandia does not relate to a particular goddess or religion, it is a landscape which incorporates references to the human body towards which we have a natural empathy. The landform can be enjoyed in parts and within many different contexts including the distant landscape, the causeways, lakes and willow islands, and viewing pavilions."

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Northumberlandia: the goddess' head, being made in 2011

Cramlington, Northumberland, England

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