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Garden Organic Ryton

With 10 acres of organic displays, Garden Organic Ryton is home to organic growing charity Garden Organic. The displays demonstrate all aspects of domestic horticulture including herbs, roses, lawns, shrubberies, herbaceous planting and vegetable and fruit growing. The gardens are full of information for gardeners on organic techniques including composting and pest and disease control. There is also a large conservation area with native trees and wild flowers, a bee garden, living willow structures and the world's first public biodynamic garden. The Vegetable Kingdom, an interactive visitor centre, houses Garden Organic's world renowned Heritage Seed Library which conserves hundreds of threatened vegetable varieties. The onsite restaurant, the Garden Café, won Britain's Best Organic Restaurant 2007 award in the Organic Industry Awards by the Soil Association.
Photograph © Garden Organic
Photograph © Garden Organic


Garden Organic Ryton was opened in 1986 and is home to the UK's leading organic growing charity. Garden Organic is a charity dedicated to the research and promotion of organic gardening, farming and food and has been at the forefront of organic horticulture for the last 50 years.

Plants of note

Garden Organic Ryton has over 30 individual gardens for visitors to explore, each one showcasing a range of organic growing techniques and a host of plants, flowers, vegetables, trees and fruit.

Garden Organic Ryton, Wolston Lane, Coventry, Warwickshire, England, CV8 3LG

Open all year round 9am - 5pm (6pm during summer). Restricted opening times over Christmas period.

Please check Garden Organic website for latest entrance fees. Free for Garden Organic members

Visit the Garden Organic Ryton website

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