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Drummond Castle Gardens

An old castle with a fine nineteenth century garden. The multiplex sundial, carved by Charles I's master mason, survives from the 1630s. It was made at a time of great interest in astronomy and when sundials were the only accurate way of telling the time. Drummond castle is set on a ridge. Terraces step down the hill to the south and a large parterre takes the form of Scotland's flag, the St Andrew's cross, centred on the old sundial (layout visible on the satellite image on the map below). The design was carried out by Lewis Kennedy, though the terracing may have been influenced by Charles Barry. Today, the planting is simpler but the garden retains the atmosphere of the Country Life black and white photographs of British gardens. There are no ladies in flowing white dresses, except in a painting of Queen Victoria's 1842 visit, but the peacocks continue to give an aristocratic air to the scenery.

Head Gardener's Comment

This is an amazing formal garden in the heart of the country. Stand at the main entrance to the garden and you almost get a birds-eye-view of the whole place. One of our younger visitors asked "Is this Alice in Wonderland's Garden?". Visit us and see if you agree with her.

Photograph © Drummond Castle
Photograph © Drummond Castle
Photograph © Drummond Castle


The garden has its origins in the 1600s and over the centuries it has seen many changes. Queen Victoria visited in 1842 and planted copper beech tree to commemorate her stay.

Plants of note

Colourful Acers. Finely clipped Taxus species, Antirrhinums in the summer and roses galore.

Muthill, nr Crieff, Perth and Kinross, Scotland, PH7 4HZ

May to October. Daily. Also open Easter weekend. Open 1pm to 6pm.

Adult £5.00 Superadult £4.00 Child £2 (Additional children free)

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