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Rochers sculptés de Rothéneuf

The Sculpted Rocks of Rothéneuf is a set of extraordinary works of art on an extraordinary coastal site. They were carved by the Abbé Adolphe-Julien Fouré, with the aid of an elderly helper, between 1894 and 1910. The Abbé had a stroke at the age of 55 which left him a deaf mute. So he returned to Rothéneuf and began work on carving 300+ sculptures, many from the living rock. They are of the Rothéneuf family of pirates, fishermen, smugglers, monsters and other allegorical scenes. 

Photograph © Bernhard Eckert
Photograph © Bernhard Eckert
Photograph © Bernhard Eckert

Chemin des Rochers Sculptés, Saint- Malo, France, 35400

Easter to beginning of October. Daily.

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