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Kenwood Park

The house was remodelled by Robert Adam and provided with a suitable landscape setting consisting of a grassed slope down to a lake and contrived bridge. The landscape park has some connection with Humphry Repton in that he remarked of the then owner 'Lord mansfield often declared, that had the front of Kenwood been originally covered with Parian marble, he should have found it less expensive than stucco' (because stucco is expensive to maintain). The park in front of the house is in the manner of Lancelot Brown. The GLC developed the park with a concert bowl and various fences have entered the scene. The remainder of the grounds consist of woodland and a vast rhododendron collection.
Photograph ©
Photograph ©

Hampstead Lane, London, Greater London, England, NW3 7JR

All year, Daily, Open 8am to 8.30pm or dusk

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