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Anet, Chateau de

Little remains of the once-famous renaissace and baroque gardens. It was one of the earliest renaissance gardens in France with an axial relationship between the house the garden. This was replaced by an example of what is known as the Anglo-Chinese style. The chateau was designed in the mid-sixteenth century by Philibert de l'Orme for Diane de Poitiers. The chateau survives and there is a drawing of the famed renaissance garden (see Gothein History of garden art).
Alfred Charles Slawson artist (1920-1987) Jehan Daley, Daley senior, Daley's sister, St. Annes, Anet, Chateau de, France (1951). (Courtesy of David Wilde, nephew of ACS)
Photograph © La Taverne de Nours
Photograph © audinou

Anet, Centre, France

April to October. Daily except Tuesday. Open 2pm to 6pm. Also open weekends in February, March and November from 2pm to 5pm.

Entrance fee applies

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