The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 52 Hampton Court

State Apartments 2

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KING'S DRAWING ROOM. 163. Palma Giovane, Expulsion of heresy; Correggio, 164. Holy Family with St. James (1515-17), 165. St. Catherine reading; 168. Parmigiano, Portrait; 175. After A. del Sarto, Madonna del Sacco; 176. Bassano, Adoration of the Shepherds; 178. Schiavone, Judgment of Midas; 194. Dosso Dossi, St. William taking off his armour. WILLIAM III. 's BEDROOM, containing his bed and furniture and an old clock that goes for a year without winding. 201. Feti. David with the head of Goliath; 202. Dosso Dossi, Holy Family and St. Elizabeth; 229. Parmigiano, Isabella d'Este; 232. Lor. da Costa, Same subject. The ceiling (Sleep) is by Verrio. KING'S DRESSING ROOM. Ceiling by Verrio (Mars in the lap of Venus). 246. School of Memling, Head of a man; 247. Albrecht Durer, Portrait of a young man; 248. Mabuse, The three children of Christian II. of Denmark; 250. Hans Eworth Allegorical portrait of Queen Elizabeth (1569); 251. Melchior Feselen (?), Battle of Pavia; 257. Swabian School (?), Old man and his wife; 264. Joost van Cleef, Francis I. of France; 265. Holbein, John Reskemeer of Cornwall; 268. Sir Antony More (?), Portrait; 269. Joost van Cleef(?), Henry VIII (1536); 271. Remee van Leemput (after Holbein), Henry VII. and Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII. and Jane Seymour; 272. Holbein, 'Noli me tangere'; 275. Hans Baldung Grien, Portrait; 276. Mabuse, Eleanor of Austria, wife of Francis I.; 279. Holbein (?), Elizabeth, Lady Vaux; Holbein, 280. Frobenius (Erasmus's printer), 284. Erasmus; 286. Maitre Ambroise (?), Francis I. and Eleanor of Austria; 287. Jan van Eyck, George van de Paele. KING'S WRITING CLOSET. The mirror above the fireplace is so arranged as to reflect the whole of the approach from the preceding rooms. 303. Van Dyck, Margaret Lemon, the artist's mistress; 306. Zucchero, Queen Elizabeth with a feather fan (1575); 313. Jean Clouet, Philip II. of Spain; 320. Artemisia Gentileschi, Portrait of herself; 322. Jean Clouet, Claude d'Urfe (?); 331. French School, Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey; 343. Poelemberg, Nymphs and satyrs dancing; 345. M. Gheeraerts, Lady Arabella Stuart (?). QUEEN MARY'S CLOSET. 352. Mytens, Sir Jeffry Hudson, the dwarf (immortalized in Scott's 'Peveril of the Peak'); 353. Cornelius Johnson (Janssen van Ceulen), George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham; 355. Unknown, Face at a window; 372. Henry Pot, A startling introduction. QUEEN'S GALLERY. The seven pieces of Brussels tapestry represent scenes from the story of Alexander the Great, after Charles Lebrun. QUEEN'S BEDROOM. The bed, of crimson damask, belonged to George II. Ceiling by Thornhill (Aurora rising from the ocean). 393. Francesco Francia, Baptism of Christ; 404. Giulio Romano (after Raphael), 'Madonna della Quercia'; 406, 410, etc., Mythological and historical paintings by Giulio Romano.