The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 52 Hampton Court

State Apartments 3

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QUEEN'S DRAWING ROOM. The ceiling, painted by Verrio, represents Queen Anne as Justice. The wall-paintings, also by Verrio, were uncovered in 1899, after having been concealed by canvas and wall paper for 164 years; they represent Cupid in a sea-car, Queen Anne dispensing Justice, and Prince George of Denmark. The windows command a splendid view of the converging walks and avenues of the garden. The vista of the left avenue is closed by Kingston church. QUEEN'S AUDIENCE CHAMBER. 433. J. Pantoja de la Cruz, Philip III. of Spain; 434. Rembrandt, Head of an old rabbi; 441. Van Somers, Anne of Denmark, wife of James I.; 444. S. Ruisdael, River-scene in Holland; 460. Mabuse, Adam and Eve; 475. Van Somers, James I., with Whitehall in the background. PUBLIC DINING ROOM. Decoration by William Kent (circa 1732). The bed, of beautifully embroidered lilac satin, in the Louis XVI. style, once belonged to Charlotte, wife of George III. 502, 505, 511, 514. Jan Breughel and Rottenhammer, The Elements; 507. P. Breughel, Sacking a village; 508. Pieter Aartsen, Friars in a nunnery; 531. Van Dyck, Cupid and Psyche; 533. Schoreel, Holy Family with SS. Michael and Andrew; 493. Zucchero, Calumny; 537. Honthorst, Singing by candle-light; 554. Hieronymus Bosch, Hell. Three small rooms to the north of the Public Dining Room were once occupied by Frederick, son of George II. PRINCE OF WALES'S PRESENCE CHAMBER. 557. Tintoretto, Esther before Ahasuerus; 562. Allori, Judith; 567. Bonifazio, Christ and the Woman of Samaria. DRAWING ROOM. 583. Tintoretto, Muses in Olympus; 586. Dosso Dossi, Man in armour with a woman. BEDROOM. 597. Kneller, William of Orange; tapestries with naval scenes. From the far end of the Public Dining Room we pass through a small ante-room into the QUEEN'S PRESENCE CHAMBER. 607. M. Van Oosterwyck, Flowers; 617. School of Holbein, Henry VIII, with his family and two court jesters. Meeting of Henry VIII. and Maximilian I. (1513); 623. Meeting of Henry VIII. and Francis I. at the Field of the Cloth of Gold (1520); 637. Embarkation of Henry VIII. At Dover (1520), three curious contemporary paintings; Battle of the Spurs (1513).