The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 52 Hampton Court

State Apartments 1

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STATE APARTMENTS AND PICTURE GALLERY. Umbrellas, parcels, etc., must be given up at the bottom of the King's Staircase. The names of the rooms are painted above the doors, our description of the pictures begins on the left as we enter each room. The collection comprises about 1000 pictures, many of great merit, among which the Italian School is best represented. The supreme treasure, however, Mantegna's 'Triumph of Cï¾µsar,' is exhibited by itself in a separate building. Immediately to the right as we enter the guard chamber is the entrance to the so-called Wolsey Rooms, two anterooms with linen-fold panelling and two larger rooms commanding a charming view of the privy garden. WILLIAM III.'s FIRST PRESENCE CHAMBER. Opposite the entrance is the canopy of the royal throne. The portraits in the upper row are those of ladies of the court of William and Mary, painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller. They are known as the 'Hampton Court Beauties,' to distinguish them from the 'Windsor Beauties', to which they are much inferior. Also: 29. Kneller, William III. landing at Margate in 1697, a large allegorical painting; 34. Pordenone (?), Man with a red girdle; Unknown, 38. William III. embarking in Holland, 52. Landing of William at Torbay; 41. Schiavone, Tobias and the angel; Mytens, 45. Marquis of Hamilton, 48. Portrait of himself; 59. Gerard Honthorst, Duke of Buckingham and his family; 60. Gianpetrino(?), St. Catherine; 61. Bernardino Luini, Woman with flowers; 64. Marco da Oggionno, Infant Christ and St. John (after Leonardo); 66. Jacob de Bray, Cleopatra dissolving a pearl in wine (portraits of the artist and his family). SECOND PRESENCE CHAMBER. 71. Bronzino, Lady in a green dress; 74. Leandro Bassano, Sculptor; 75. After Titian, Holy Family; 84. After Van Dych, Equestrian portrait of Charles I.; 86. School of Velazquez, Elizabeth de Bourbon, wife of Philip IV. of Spain; 88. Cariani, Venus; 89. Bonifazio dei Pitati, Diana surprised by Actï¾µon; 90. Karel van Mander, Christian IV. of Denmark; 94. Bernardino Licinio da Pordenone, Family group. AUDIENCE CHAMBER. 108. Titian, Lucretia; 109. Sebastiano Ricci, Mary Magdalen anointing the feet of Christ; 111. Giorgione, Shepherd with a pipe; 112. Lorenzo Lotto, Portrait; 114. Tintoretto, Portrait; 116. Palma Vecchio, Madonna and Child with SS. John the Baptist and Catherine; 130. Honthorst, Elizabeth of Bohemia, daughter of James I.; 134. Cariani, Adoration of the Shepherds; 138. Bonifazio II., Christ and the Woman of Samaria; Savoldo, 139. Warrior, 140. Madonna and Child with donors; 143. Morto da Feltre (?), Concert; 144. Palma Vecchio, Head of a Sibyl: 145. Bonifazio dei Pitati, Adoration of the Shepherds; 146. Lorenzo Lotto, Andrea Odoni of Venice; 147. Titian, Portrait.