The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 50 Dulwich and The Crystal Palace

Dulwich Picture Gallery 4

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ROOM V. 255. Agostino Carracci, Death of St. Francis; 256. Umbrian School (16-16th century), Virgin with Infant Saviour; 259. School of Albani (Bologna; 1578-1660), Madonna; 265. Annibale Carracci, Deposition in the Tomb; 258. Piero di Cosimo, Portrait of a young man; 224. Murillo, Two Spanish beggar-boys; 270. Paolo Veronese, Saint blessing a Venetian gentleman; 271. School of Cologne (15th century), Salvator Mundi; Murillo, 222. Spanish peasant boys, 281. Madonna del Rosario; 285. Rubens, Venus, Mars, and Cupid; 226. Pietro da Cortona, St. Martina triumphing over the idols. ROOM VI. 483. Sir Joshua Reynolds, Death of Cardinal Beaufort (sketch); 166. Berchem, Roman fountain ('Le Midi'); 50. Quiryn Brekelenkam, Old woman eating; 39. Cornelius Dusart (pupil of A. van Ostade; 1660-1704), Old building with figures; 157. Berchem, Travelling peasants ('Le Soir'); 57. Teniers the Younger, Brick-making; 291. H. P. Briggs, Charles Kemble, the actor; Reynolds, 104. Portrait of himself, 318. Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse (1789); 111. Beechey. John Kemble, the actor; 94. John Opie, Portrait of himself; 332. Daniel Seghers (1590-1661), Flowers encircling a relief; 77. Ph. Wouverman, Cavaliers at an inn; 146. Tenters the Younger, Sow and litter; 194. Van Dyck, Lady Venetia Digby on her death-bed; 223. Reynolds, Infant Samuel; 44. Herman Saftleven, View on the Rhine; 196. Berchem, Peasants fording a stream; 102. Reynolds, Mother and sick child; 299. Teniers the Elder, Sunset with sheep and shepherd. We return to Room I and enter ROOM VII, to the right (west). The Cartwright collection exhibited here includes several interesting theatrical portraits. In the glass-case in the centre is Alleyn's signet-ring and a portrait of Queen Victoria at the age of four by S. P. Denning (No. 304). ROOM VIII, to the right (north) of Room VII. 51. A. van de Velde, Cows and sheep in a wood; 168. J. van Ruisdael, Landscape with windmills; 197. W. van de Velde, Calm; 144. Cuyp, Cattle near the Maas; Ph. Wouverman, 67. Selling fish near Scheveningen, 92. Courtyard with a farrier; 183. Pynacker, Italian landscape; 82. Karel Dujardin, Smith shoeing an ox; 142. Teniers the Younger, Chaff-cutter (usually considered the best Teniers in the gallery); 137. Salvator Rosa, Pool with friars fishing; 88. Berchem, Peasants near Roman ruins; 296. Cuyp, Riding-school in the open air; 187. After Murillo, Immaculate Conception; 97. Ph. Wouverman, Halt of travellers, 182. Peasants in the fields.