The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 50 Dulwich and The Crystal Palace

Dulwich Picture Gallery 3

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ROOM IX, to the right (east) of Room III. 178. Sir Thomas Lawrence, William Linley; 156. Watteau, Bal champetre (a masterpiece; 'he might almost be said to breathe his figures and his flowers on the canvas, so fragile is their texture, so evanescent is his touch'-Hazlitt); 76. Teniers the Elder, Peasants in conversation; 249. Velazquez Philip IV. of Spain (recently said to be a copy of an original in New York); 95. Tenters the Younger, A castle and its proprietor; 199. Murillo, Flower-girl; 173. Van Dyck, Knight (probably the Prince of Oneglia); 128. Cuyp, Cattle and figures near a river ('perhaps the finest Cuyp in the world'-Hazlitt); 320. Gainsborough, The Linley sisters, Mrs. Sheridan and Mrs. Tickell; 124. Cuyp, Road near a river; 598. Reynolds, Robert Dodsley. publisher and poet; 167. Watteau, Fete champetre. On a stand: Raphael, 241. St. Francis of Assisi, 243. St. Anthony of Padua (Florentine period), 242. Carlo Dolci, St. Catherine of Siena. Two tortoise shell commodes, probably by Boulle, and two chairs in the Louis XV. style, in this room, and the sideboard, Boulle clock, and two vases in Room V were bequeathed by Mrs. De-enfans. ROOM IV. 198. After Titian, Portrait of a lady; 8. Jan Both, Italian landscape; 602. Raphael, Virgin and St. Elizabeth with the Infant Christ and St. John (unfinished and apparently injured by fire); 204. Guido Reni, Death of Lucretia; 126. School of Rembrandt, Jacob's Dream; 210. J. van Ruisdael, Edge of a wood; 171. Rich Wilson (1714-82), Waterfalls and Villa of Mï¾µcenas at oli; 158. G. D. Tiepolo (1726-77), Joseph receiving Pharaoh's ring; 147. Adrian van der Werff, Judgment of Paris; 120. Jan van Huysum (1682-1749), Vase with flowers ('of the utmost conceivable brightness and delicacy'-Sir E. Cook); 282. Guercino, Woman taken in adultery; 133. Abraham van Borssom (late 17th century), Landscape; 233. Ribera, Locksmith; 143. Rubens, Portrait of a lady; 131. Rubens, Helena Fourment; 238. north Poussin, Rinaldo and Armida (from Tasso's 'Jerusalem Delivered'); Jan Both, 208. Mountain path (probably an early work), 12. Banks of a brook. FRENCH ROOM (opened in 1915), to the right (east) of Room IV. 188. French School (17th century), Moliere; 176. Gerarde de Lairesse (Dutch; 1641-1711), Apollo and Daphne; 236. Nicholas Poussin, Triumph of David; Claude (1600-82), 205. Jacob with Laban and his daughters, 215. Classical seaport at sunset; 202. Charles Lebrun, Massacre of the Innocents; 557. Sebastien Bourdon (1616-71), Brawl in a guard-room; 220. Claude, Embarkation of St. Paula at Ostia; 244. Lebrun, Horatius defending the bridge; 263. N. Poussin, Assumption; 312. Claude, Rest on the flight into Egypt; 240. N. Poussin, Flight into Egypt; 213. Gaspard Poussin, Destruction of Niobe's children; N. Poussin, 229. Inspiration of Anacreon, 227. Adoration of the Magi.