The Garden Guide

Book: London and Its Environs, 1927
Chapter: 50 Dulwich and The Crystal Palace

Dulwich Picture Gallery 2

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ROOM I. 65. Albert Cuyp, White horse in a riding-school; 72. Karel Dujardin, Peasants and a white horse; 71. Cuyp, Two horses; 17. Sir William Beechey, Sir Francis Bourgeois; 25. C. van Poelenburg, Satyr and nymph dancing; 28. James Northcote, Portrait of Noel Desenfans; 455. Frans Pourbus the Younger, Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar; 34. Pieter Wouverman, Seashore with figures; Teniers the Elder, 33. Peasant eating mussels, 31. Gipsies in a landscape; 36. Pieter Wouverman, Sandbank, with travellers. ROOM XI, to the right (east) of Room I. 152. After Velazquez, Prince of Asturias on horseback; 175. Zuccarelli (1702-88), Cattle and figures at a fountain; 262. Guido Reni, John the Baptist in the wilderness, 234. Nicolas Poussin, Nursing of Jupiter; 105. J. van Ruisdael, Waterfall; 87. Hobbema, Woody landscape with water-mill (somewhat darkened by time); 127. Van Dyck, Samson and Delilah; 86. Adam Pynacker (1621-73), Landscape with sportsmen; 122. Nicolas Berchem, Road through a wood; 78. Philips Wouverman, Halt of a hunting-party; 123. School of Rubens, Shepherd and shepherdess; 316. Gainsborough, Mrs. Moody and her children; 245. Cuyp, Cattle near a river; 556. Pieter Nason (Dutch; 1612-91), Portrait of a doctor; 117, 114. Jan Wynants, Landscapes; 99. Rembrandt, Portrait of a young man. ROOM II. 15. Jan Both, Road near a lake; 64. Camphuisen, Peasants with cows; 283. Domenichino, Adoration of the Shepherds; 141. Pieter Neeffs, Interior of a cathedral; 230. Annibale Carracci, Virgin, Infant Christ, and St. John; 81. Van Dyck (?), Charity; 4. Cuyp, View on a Plain; 268. After Guido Reni, St. Sebastian; 327. Bakhuisen, Boats in a storm; 90. Van Dyck, Madonna and Infant Saviour; 96. Cuyp, Evening ride near a river; 232. Lodovico Carracci, St. Peter and St. Francis; 251. After Andrea del Sarto, Holy Family; 91. Ph. Wouverman, Return from hawking (late work); 269. L. Carracci, Franciscan monk at prayer; 108. Adrian Brouwer, Interior of an ale-house; 112. Teniers the Elder, Winter scene; 216. Salvator Rosa, Soldiers gaming; 54. Teniers the Younger, Guard-room (late work); 47. Jan Weenix, Shepherd; 347. Pieter Snayers (1593-1669), Cavalry skirmish; 348. Cuyp, Landscape (earliest style; wonderful sky). ROOM X, to the right (east) of Room II, contains a collection of portraits of the English school. 571. Honthorst, Portrait of a lady; 562. Hogarth, The anglers; 418. Greenhill, Portrait of himself; Gainsborough, 331. Thomas Linley the younger, 66. P. J. de Loutherbourg, the painter; 563. Sir Peter Lely, Abraham Cowley, the poet; Gainsborough, 302. Samuel Linley, 140. Thomas Linley the elder; 586. Benjamin West, Mrs. West and child; 590. Romney, William Hayley; 596. Allan Ramsay, Portrait of a gentleman;. 572. Adrian Hanneman (pupil of Van Dyck; circa 1601-71), Portrait. ROOM III. 181. Cuyp, Fishing on the ice; 170 Van. Dyck, Philip Herbert, fifth Earl of Pembroke (one of his latest and finest works); 45. A. van Ostade, Man and woman conversing; 56. Gerard Dou, Lady playing on the virginals; 163. Rembrandt, Girl at the window (probably not Hendrikje Stoffels); 103. W. van de Velde, Brisk breeze (of exquisite finish); 264. Rubens, The Graces (grisaille); 79. Ph. Wouverman, Two riders; 113. A. van Ostade, Man smoking; 116. P. C. van Slingeland (1640-91), Boy with bird's nest; 68. W. van de Velde the Younger, Calm; 23. B. Breenbergh (circa 1600-63), Ruins of a temple; 115. A. van Ostade, Boors making merry; Cuyp, 315. View of Dordrecht, 192. Cattle near a river; 600. Canaletto, Old Walton Bridge. On the left (west) of Room III is the MAUSOLEUM in which rest the remains of Noel Desenfans, his wife, and Sir Francis Bourgeois.