The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 12. Garden Composition

Clumps and groups of trees in Hill Gardens Tsukiyama

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With regard to trees, the groups or clumps of the finished style become, in the Plate before us, single trees, and some are entirely eliminated. No. 1, the "Principal Tree," is represented by a single pine tree with low bushes beneath. No. 2, the "Tree of the Setting Sun," is indicated by a group of leafy trees on the extreme west; and No. 3, the "Tree of Solitude," by a somewhat larger clump on the east. No. 4, the "Cascade-screening Tree," becomes a leaning pine tree, its branches partly screening the waterfall. The "View-perfecting Tree," "Distancing Pine," and "Stretching Pine" of Plate XXV are omitted. The lake in this garden is comparatively a small sheet of water, resembling an inlet, but having the indispensable waterfall at its head. A peninsula replaces the lake island, and one bridge only is introduced instead of three. The "Snow-view Lantern," which is placed on the island in a garden of the finished style, is, in the present case, introduced in the background to form a group with the western tree-clump, and has beside it a special stone, No. 11, called the "Distance Stone." The other stone lantern, in the centre of the view, is of larger scale than its counterpart in Plate XXV, and takes the place occupied by the "Cave Stone'' in that illustration, the latter occupying the other side of the landscape in the present example. The shrine, water basin, lantern, and other details observable in the more elaborate garden are entirely omitted. The rougher style of design adopted also influences the character of the enclosing boundary, and instead of the plastered and roofed paling with covered gateway, a simple bamboo fence and plain gates are introduced.