The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 12. Garden Composition

Rough style Hill Gardens Tsukiyama

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In the rough style of Hill Garden illustrated in Plate XXVII., detail is further reduced in quantity and increased in proportionate size. At first sight very few of the features of the finished style are recognizable, but careful observation and comparison reveal certain similarities. Only two low mounds are introduced as garden hills, but their undulations are skilfully arranged so as to faintly suggest the near and distant mountain and the lower spur in front. The adorning stones assist in maintaining a faint resemblance to the original and more elaborate model. Stone 1, the "Guardian Stone," preserves its vertical character but no longer serves as a cascade-cliff. It is backed by a low tree or shrub, and companioned with flat stones and rounded bushes; it also still marks one of the principal points of the background. No. 2 receives the name of the "Moon Shadow Stone," and occupies a position on the most distant prominence, paired with a flat stone; in other respects, however, the idea of distant solitude originally associated with it is no longer preserved, for it forms part of a clump composed of shrubs, bushes, a stone lantern of large scale, and a spreading pine tree. No. 3, a flat stepped stone,�also belonging to the same group, and, on the opposite side of the mound to Stone 2,�serves to give a suggestion of Hill 2 in the finished style. (Stone 1. Guardian Stone, Stone 2. Moon Shadow Stone. Stone 3. Hill Stone. Stone 4. Worshipping Stone. Stone 5. Seat of Honour Stone. Stone 6. Waiting Stone. Stone 7. Evening Sun Stone. Stone 8. Label Stone. Stone 9. Pedestal Stone. Tree 1. Principal Tree. Tree 2. Tree of Evening Sun. Tree 3. Tree of Solitude. A. Water Basin. B. Log Bridge. C. Stone Lantern. D. Screen fence.)