The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter1. History

Enshiu, Kobori Totomi-no-Kami, garden designer

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Enshiu, whose real name was Kobori Totomi-no-Kami, was a retainer of the Shogun lyeyasu, and he became teacher of accomplished arts to the Regent's son. His most famous work in gardening was the garden of the Katsura Rikiu, detached palace near Kioto, formerly a villa of the Imperial Prince of Hachijo. The site had the one natural advantage of the river Katsura running through it, but for the rest, the beauties of the landscape design were entirely due to artificial contrivance. This garden still remains, though now much neglected, and it is said that for more than a hundred and fifty years after the death of Enshiu, not a single stone had been removed. Other designs of the same artist are:�the gardens of the Konchi-In, in the temple of Nanzenji, of Shoden-In in the temple of Kenninji, of the temple of Kodaiji, and of Koho-An in the temple of Daitokuji. The Konchi-In garden is celebrated for its arrangements of stones and rocks which are said to form the Chinese idea graph &&& "heart." That of Kodaiji is described as one of the most beautiful scene in the eastern part of Kioto, being intended to suggest a miniature of the fabuluos Garden of Paradise. It is noted for the profusion of its cherry blossoms in spring, for its irises in summer, its lespedeza flowers in autumn, and its snow scenes in winter.