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Book: Landscape Gardening and Landscape Architecture, edited by John Claudius Loudon (J.C.L )
Chapter: Introduction by J.C. Loudon

Loudon's edition of Repton

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John Claudius Loudon published an edition of Humphry Repton's works in 1840, under the title: The Landscape Gardening and Landscape Architecture of the Late Humphry Repton, Esq., being his entire works on these subjects. [Note: Repton's works are listed under his own name, as author, though they were scanned from Loudon's 1840 edition. Loudon explained that he was publishing 'A new edition with an historical and scientific introduction, a systematic analysis, a biographical notice, notes, and a copius alphabetical index.' Loudon is notably more sympathetic to Repton in this edition of his works than in his earlier writings, possibly because Loudon, in poor health and in debt, was hopeful that this would book would make sufficient money to pay his debts and provide for his wife and daughter - TT].