The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening and Landscape Architecture, edited by John Claudius Loudon (J.C.L )
Chapter: Introduction by J.C. Loudon

Gardening as an Art of Culture and an Art of Taste

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GARDENING, as an Art of Culture, since the commencement of the present [19th] century, has made rapid progress; but, as an Art of Taste, it has been comparatively stationary. One of the principal causes of this state of things, is the abundance of good and cheap books on subjects belonging to the former department, and the scarcity and high price of those treating of the latter. To remedy this evil, it is contemplated to publish a series of four or five volumes, which shall include a reprint of all the best works on Landscape Gardening which have hitherto appeared; illustrating these works, where it appears desirable, with notes, commentaries, and engravings.