The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening and Landscape Architecture, edited by John Claudius Loudon (J.C.L )
Chapter: Introduction by J.C. Loudon

Editorial Note 2

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Such is the plan and the intention of our series of five volumes; which, if carried into execution, with such improvements as may from time to time suggest themselves, will form, we think, as complete an Encyclop�dia of Landscape Gardening as the present state of our knowledge, in that art, will admit. After this slight outline of our general design, it remains only to say a few words respecting the arrangement of that part of it which constitutes the present volume. The reader is first presented with a systematic Table of Contents, by which all that is said on any particular subject, in different parts of the work, may be immediately referred to. Next follows a List of the Engravings, a glance over which may assist an inquirer in discovering those designs in the book which may best suit his purpose; and then a general Table of Contents, in the order in which the different subjects are printed. The Biographical Notice was furnished by a member of Mr. Repton's family; and, as portraying the life of a man not less eminent for his artistical genius and taste, than for his goodness of heart, and amiability of character, it will, we are certain, be read with very great interest. The different works are printed in the order in which they were published, between 1795 and 1816. At the end of the volume is a copious Alphabetical Index. The Notes, by the Editor, are generally in brackets, thus�[]�with his initials added. In the copies with the engravings coloured, the colouring is a faithful imitation of that in the plates in Mr. Repton's volumes, as originally published. J. C. L. BAYSWATER, November, 1839.