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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 10 The flower borders in September

September double border

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There is another range of double border for the month of September alone. It passes down through the middle of the kitchen garden and is approached by an arch of Laburnum. It is backed on each side by a Hornbeam hedge some five and a half feet high. This border is mainly for the earlier Michaelmas Daisies; those that bloom in the first three weeks of the month. Grey foliage in plenty is to the front. Running in between the groups is Artemisia stelleriana, the quite hardy plant that so well imitates Cineraria maritima {Senecio cineraria}; there are also Stachys and White Pink. Further back among the flowers are drifts of the grey-blue Lyme Grass {Leymus arenaria}, some grey bushes of Phlomis and a silvery-leaved Willow, kept to a suitable size by careful pruning.