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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 10 The flower borders in September

Whites yellows and pinks

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The scheme of colouring consists of this groundwork of grey foliage, with white, lilac, purple and pale pink flowers; and, breaking into this colouring in two or three distinct places, flowers of pale yellow and yellowish white with suitable accompanying leafage. There is also, in quite another part of the garden, a later border of other Michaelmas Daisies that will follow this in time of blooming. But the September borders have a very different appearance because of their flowers of pink and yellow, colours which are absent in those of the later season.The yellow flowers are the pale sulphur African Marigold and pale yellow and whitish-yellow tall Snapdragons, with bordering masses of variegated Coltsfoot, and the Golden Feather Feverfew allowed to bloom. The pink colourings are the wide-headed Sedum spectabile, pink Japan Anemone and a few pale pink Gladioli. The whites are Dahlias Albatross and White Cloud, Pyrethrum uliginosum {Chrysanthemum uliginosum}, the charming perennial Aster Colerette Blanche and a taller white or yellowish-white Aster with rough stems and harsh-feeling foliage that I know as A. umbellatus. Here also are white Japan Anemones, white Snapdragons and white China Asters of the large, long-stemmed, late-blooming kind that were formerly known as Vick's, but are now called Mammoth. Among the grey bordering plants are groups of dwarf Ageratum, one of the best of the tender plants of September and quite excellent with the accompanying grey foliage. The grey bordering is not merely an edging but a general front groundwork, running here and there a yard deep into the border.