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Walker, Peter

Born - Died : 1932 - ?

Peter Walker grew up in California (Pasadena and Berkeley). He studied journalism but changed his mind and enrolled for an education in landscape architecture under Stanley White at the University of Illinois. He completed a master's degree under Hideo Sasaki at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and later worked with his tutor in the firm Sasaki, Walker and Associates (established in 1957). He lived with, and worked with, Martha Schwartz. Peter Walker & Partners was formed in 1983. Walker is the author of a book on Minimalist Gardens but often departs from a minimalist approach in his landscape designs. His work includes

World Trade Center Memorial in New York (with architect Michael Arad)
Tanner Fountain at Harvard University
Center for Clinical Sciences Research at Stanford University
Toyota Museum of Art in Japan
Millennium Park for the 2000 Olympics in Australia

Gardens designed by Walker, Peter