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Ineni was 'Heriditary Prince, Count, Chief of all Works in Karnak; the double silver-house was in his charge; the touble gold house was on his seal; Sealer of all contracts in the House of Amun; Excellency, Overseer of the Double Granary of Amun'. He was a heriditary prince and overseer of Tuthmosis I's development of the temple complex at Karnak and of his tomb, the first to be made in the Valley of the Kings. Ineni's autobiography in his tomb records that he 'supervised the excavation of the fliff-tomb of His Majesty alone, no one seeing, no one hearingï¾… I was vigilant in seeking that which is excellent. I made fields of clay in order to plaster their tombs of the necropolis. It is work such as the ancestors had not which I was obliged to do there'. He also worked for Queen Hatshepsut and wrote that 'Her Majesty praised me and loved me. She recognised my worth at court, she presented me with things, she magnified me, she filled my house with silver and gold, with all beautiful stuffs of the royal house'.

Gardens designed by Ineni,