The Garden Guide


Born - Died : 1542 - 1605

The third Moghul Emperor of India initiated the building of Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Fort. The story of his life, the Akbarnama, has many details of his interest in gardens. His tomb garden at Sikandra is an important Moghul garden. Akbar had a ruthless military talent and wide cultural interests. His biography is stomach-turningly fawning, as its translator reports (H Beveridge, 1903). Here is a typical comment: 'When he, in his glory and fortune, shall direct a halt, let rose-water-sherbet and wholesome lemon-juice be prepared and poured out and coated with ice'. Much of his life was spent on campaign and the court preferred to camp in gardens. Akbar also built the Hari Parbat Fort at Srinagar, with views over the Vale of Kashmir.

Gardens designed by Akbar,