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Tivoli Garden

A romantic urban pleasure ground in the centre of Copenhagen, opened in 1843. Like most of the city's parks, it was made within the old fortifications. They provided Tivoli with an embankment and and a lake. The garden's name came from the resort town outside Rome (see Villa d'Este). Its features were inspired by a century of European romanticism. An alert critic can detect echos of Parc Monceau, Worlitz and Alton Towers, while seeing pointers to Disneyland other modern theme parks. Visitors pay to enter but once inside will find features for every age and taste. According to the official statistics, the garden has 4 million visitors per year. The gardens have 25 rides, 28 restaurants, 110,718 outdoor lights, 134,000 tulips and narcissi, 876 trees, 6,200 m2 of water, and 20, 679 m2 of buildings.

Photograph © jlcwalker

Vesterbrog 3, Copenhagen, Denmark

Late-April to mid-September, Daily, 10am to midnight

Entrance fee varies according to time of day

Visit the Tivoli Garden website

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