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Priona Tuinen

The gardens were made by Henk Gerritsen and the Anton Schlepers, guided by Mien Ruys gaden design philosophy of 'a wild planting in a strong design' and remembering the beautiful flower meadows of Central and Southern Europe. Plants were obtained from the nursery of Piet Oudolf. Henk Gerritsen explains the design principle as follows: 'What is straight, should be curved, what is curved, should be straight. Meaning: in a garden where everything is straight, the walls or hedges around it and the path through it, the secondary landscaping should be curved: sloping or freakish paths, hedges, lawns or borders and the other way around: in a freakish or shapeless garden the secondary landscaping should be straight, in order to obtain a harmonious image.' and 'Plants that can't live without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides don't belong in my garden.'
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Schuineslootweg 13, 7777 RE, Schuinesloot (near Slagharen), Holland

May to September. Thursday to Sunday. Open 10am to 5pm (2pm to 6pm on Sundays).

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