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Kromerz Castle Garden

The garden attached to the main house is a dull early 19th century (?) affair. However, the basement contains three rather fine grottoes.

The ‘flower garden’ is quite separate, about 2 kms to the west. This garden was begun about 1660, and is enclosed by high walls within an oblong of about 485 X 300m, and includes : a Colonnade, 240m long sheltering a large number of statues; 2 mazes; 2 ‘strawberry hills’ (spiral mounds); 2 bassins, now filled with reeds; and a large Rotunda, which once housed giochi d’acqua. The main house has copies of the book of engravings by G M Vischer (1691; not ‘J M Fischer’, as erroneously attributed by the Oxford Companion to Gardens).

Kromeriz Chateau, garden front (image courtesy Patrick Goode)

Kromeriz Grotto

Patrick Goode

Kromeriz Chateau Pavilion

Patrick Goode

Czech Republic

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