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Kingsbrae Garden

Kingsbrae Garden is in the seaside resort of St Andrews by-the-Sea and has been named one of Canada's Top Ten Public Gardens. The 27-acre public garden was made on the grounds of several grand estates, incorporating cedar hedges, flowers beds and acres of old-growth Acadian forest. These and the original manor house became the setting for new themed gardens, including: white, knot, cottage, gravel and therapy gardens.

Head Gardener's Comment

Kingsbrae Garden, a 27 acre horticultural masterpiece, is nestled in the heart of St Andrews by-the-Sea, Canada's premier seaside resort community. Named one of Canada's Top Ten Public Gardens, the Garden was recently awarded the "Because Green Matters" National Stewardship award from Project EverGreen Canada, and designated a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. The Garden was declared Attractions Canada's National Winner for "Best Developed Outdoor Site in Canada" in 2001, after just 3 years of operation.

Kingsbrae Garden was created on the grounds of several grand old estates, incorporating mature cedar hedges, flower beds and an old-growth Acadian forest. Follow walking paths through magnificent collections of over 50,000 flowers, shrubs and trees in many themed gardens, complemented by a genuine functioning Dutch windmill (1/3 scale), cedar maze, numerous sculptures, alpacas, peacocks, pygmy goats, ducks and more.

Kingsbrae Garden celebrates St. Andrews’ heritage of fine gardens with its use of old and new gardening styles. Visitors will find these great traditions in gardening in the White, Rose, Knot, Perennial and Cottage Gardens, to name but a few. Newer styles are reflected in our Gravel, Edible, Wildflower, Secret and Ornamental Grass gardens.

Photograph © Kingsbrae Garden
Photograph ©
Photograph © Kingsbrae Garden
Photograph © Kingsbrae Garden
Photograph © Kingsbrae Garden
Photograph © Kingsbrae Garden
Photograph © Kingsbrae Garden
Photograph © Kingsbrae Garden


The Garden opened in 1998, the implementation of a dream. Kingsbrae's patrons wanted to preserve the 27 acres they inherited as green space and a place for others to enjoy gardens as much as they do, and to educate both the public and the staff in the art and joy of horticulture. Generously endowing the Garden, after donating the acreage to the Province of New Brunswick, the Flemers still guide and shape the Garden, with a staff of 50+ in season. As a provincial and national top attraction and widely acclaimed as a garden with humour and fun, it is sure to endure and keep people coming back to St Andrews for decades to come.

No tour of the Garden would be complete without a visit to The Garden Café. Enjoy the serenity of the Garden and the splendour of this historic, turn-of-the-century Edward Maxwell building, while enjoying a light meal in the dining room or on the terrace, overlooking Passamaquoddy Bay.

Our site and buildings are handicap accessible.

Plants of note

Over 50,000 perennials, shrubs & trees in many themed gardens. Canada's first "Jurassic Living Fossil" wollemi pine -- "Pericles" --from Australia [2006]. Many collections: Heath & Heather, Bird & Butterfly, Rhodos & azaleas, dwarf and unusual conifers, white garden, blue garden, gravel garden, many kilometres of ancient cedar hedges, a cedar maze and labyrinth of thyme, roses, lilies, peonies, herbs and organic vegetable garden, plus thousands more varieties of perennials.

Jardin Kingsbrae Garden, 220 King Street, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada, E5B 1Y8

Mid May to mid October. Daily. Open 9am to 6pm.

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