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Kashan Mansion Gardens

The following gardens can be visited: Khan-e-Borujerdi, Khan-e-Tabatabei, Khan-e-Ameriha, Khan-e-Abbasin. The mansions are early19th century creations of wealthy Kashan families. To varying degrees they mix traditional Persian design with features drawn from European Renaissance architecture. All have courtyard gardens with pools, sometimes several courtyard gardens. Grand iwans overlook these courtyard gardens, below which are cool cellar recesses. These mansions are strong on carved and pierced plasterwork, stained glass, latticework in masonry, and mirrorwork decoration. All four have a certain amount in common yet each has its own distinctive features. The Ameriha mansion is the biggest and has a particularly good variety of spectacular decorations. Khan-e-Borujerdi makes most play with European styles in the profuse carved plasterwork on its courtyard walls. Khan-e-Abbasin has dramatic iwan designs. Khan-e-Tabatabei has a good variety of features, including charming jade water pools in secluded courtyards.
Courtesy Charles Patmore
Courtesy Charles Patmore

Kashan, Iran

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