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Jaromerice upon Rokytnou

The reconstruction of the house began c. 1706, and the garden was created at the same time. The house has two very interesting oil paintings of 1738, by a naïve local painter (Bohušicich), showing the house and garden before the reconstruction. The bed of the river Rokytna was widened to 22m; the garden was originally richly decorated with statues of ancient gods.

Currently the garden covers 10ha.; 11 statues and 4 ornate stone benches have been preserved.

Quite an attractive design, rather overshadowed by the bulk of the house. An interesting feature : on the far side of the river, the lawn enclosed by pleached hornbeams rises in a gentle curve (to prevent the design looking too flat, and giving an unfortunate effect of foreshortening).

Jaromerice Central Alee

Patrick Goode
Jaromerice Pavilion

Czech Republic

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