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Flaxmere Garden

Created by Penny Zino, Flaxmere is a large country garden that has been carefully integrated into the natural landscape. The garden is on the edge of the Southern Alps, 1000 feet above sea level, and has been planted to provide year round interest. Long vistas with cross-axes are a strong feature of the design and stone walls and heavy timber bridges complement the country style. Art in a Garden is held here in October. Flaxmere has recently been made a Garden of National Significance by the New Zealand Garden Trust.
Photograph © Flaxmere
Photograph © Flaxmere


Flaxmere Garden began in 1966 and has grown in size over the years.

Plants of note

Trees and plants have to be able to withstand the extreme conditions... hot dry summers and very cold winters. The altitude is 330 meters above sea level.

Deciduous trees and shrubs for their ability to be attractive at least twice a year, spring flowers and wonderful autumn colour.
Evergreen trees and shrubs to provide interest and bones of the garden in the winter.

Wide ranges of native plants that will withstand the conditions.

Penny has always had a huge interest in roses.

128 Westenra's Road, Hawarden, New Zealand, 7385

Open by appointment only - call +64 (3) 3144504. Email

Adults $10.00 Gate fee

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