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Coe Memorial Park Gardens

Coe Memorial Park was given to the city by the Coe family in 1907. There is a Civil War Monument and Victorian Promenade.

Head Gardener's Comment

By working with the environment, coping with lack of top soil, and correcting past use of pesticides and various lawn chemicals, Horticulturalist, Gwenythe b. Harvey and her firm The Garden Goddess, LLC have literally turned this Park around. A successful formula of soil building, establishing colourful growth patterns, and removal of dead or diseased plantings have resulted in dramatic changes to this magical "heaven" in the Heart of Torrington, Ct. In 2006 Monarch butterflies, bees and Hummingbirds were attracted to the various plantings in the park. They are a delightful attestment to a successful improvement of their environment.

Since the fall of 2005, and despite its location at the busy intersection of Main and Litchfield Streets, a collection of plants have evolved so varied that there is plenty to see and admire whatever the time of the year. Word of the glory of the spring spectacular of bulbs has spread, and now Coe Memorial Park is attractng visitors who flock to witness the dream-like vision of peace, quiet and a tapestry of vibrant colours. In 2007 a seasonal scheduling of Garden Symposiums were added. Please check the web site for current scheduling and topics.
The City of Torrington's Park & Recreation Dept. has planned a varied schedule of Park concerts and activities. Call Donna Winn, Rec. Dir. at 860-489-2274 for the Department Newsletter which contains news of future events.

Photograph © The Garden Goddess, LLC
Photograph © The Garden Goddess, LLC
Photograph © The Garden Goddess, LLC


Coe Memorial Park was given to the Citizens of Torrington by Edward Turner Coe, Ella Seymour Coe, and Adelaide Eliza Coe-Godfrey in memory of their parents, Eliza Seymour Coe and Lyman Wetmore Coe, in 1907. The property comprises nearly five acres including the Alvord property, of which the Carriage Barn shown below was originally a part. The structures of the Coe Family, including the Family residence, a wonderful Victorian, a large glass Victorian greenhouse, carriage sheds and a stone and concrete gazebo, were torn down in 1914 at the request of the Family. The Coe Family was responsible for introducing a rarity in the Horticulture world to US garden enthusiasts, a coloured water lily that they imported from Paris. Their property included formal gardens and sunken ponds. Ten years ago the then Mayor of Torrington, Mary Jane Gryniuk, appointed a committee for Coe Park. The Coe Memorial Park Mission Statement reads: "To create within the downtown area of Torrington a first class horticultural haven in accordance and in strict adherence to the intent of the Coe Family benefactors and the Coe-Godfrey Trust".

South Main and Litchfield Streets, Torrington, Connecticut, USA, CT 06790

Daily. Wheelchair accessible, on site parking


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