The Garden Guide

Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 3: Design Composition in Landscape Gardens

Country mansions

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1557. A mansion for the country, if a mere square or oblong, will thus be deficient in point of aspect, and certainly in picturesque beauty, or variety of external forms, lights, and shades. An irregular plan, composed with a combined view to the situation, distant views, best aspects to the principal rooms, effect from different distant points, and as forming a whole with the groups of domestic offices and other architectural appendages or erections, will therefore be the best; and, as the genius of the Gothic style of architecture is better adapted for this irregularity than the simplicity of the Grecian, or the regularity of the Roman styles, it has been justly considered the best for country residences. Another advantage of an irregular style is, that it readily admits of additions in almost any direction.