The Garden Guide

Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 3: Design Composition in Landscape Gardens

Aspect of the principal rooms in a mansion

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1556. The aspect of the principal rooms deserves particular attention in every case, and most so in bleak or exposed situations. The south-east is most commonly the best for Britain (fig, 268.); and the south, and due east, the next best. The south-west, Repton considers the worst, because from that quarter it rains oftener than from any other; and the windows are dimmed, and the views obstructed, by the slightest showers, which will not be perceptible in the windows facing the south or east. A north aspect is gloomy, because deprived of sunshine; but it deserves to be remarked, that woods and other verdant objects look best when viewed from rooms so placed, because all plants are most luxuriant on the side next the sun. (Fragments on Landscape-Gardening, &c., p. 108.)