The Garden Guide

Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 1: Entomology as Applied to Gardens

Butterflies (Papilionidï¾µ)

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1642. Butterflies (Papilionidï¾µ). The insects of this numerous and splendid tribe are well characterised by flying only during the day, and by their antennï¾µ terminating in a small knob. In their caterpillar state, they all feed upon the leaves of plants; and when they change into chrysalides, either suspend themselves by the tail in some retired situation, or attach themselves to some object by means of an additional strong transverse thread; but they never spin a cocoon, or undergo their metamorphosis in the ground. Many species of this beautiful tribe are found in Britain, and several of the finest may be easily reared by feeding their caterpillars in cages with the leaves of the plant on which they subsist To assist those who are disposed to try this interesting experiment, we subjoin a description of the different caterpillars from which they are produced, and which may be frequently met with, by searching for them, at the proper season, upon the plants they eat.