The Garden Guide

Book: Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening, 1795
Chapter: Chapter 1: Concerning different characters and situations

Livermere Park Red Book

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LIVERMERE PARK. However delightful a romantic or mountainous country may appear to a traveller, the more solid advantages of a flat one to live in, are universally allowed; and in such a country, if the gentle swell of the ground occasionally presents the eye with hanging woods, dipping their foliage in an expanse of silvery lake, or softly gliding river, we no longer ask for the abrupt precipice or foaming cataract. Livermere Park possesses ample lawns, rich woods, and an excellent supply of good-coloured water: its greatest defect is a want of clothing near the house, and round that part of the water where the banks are flat; yet, in other parts, the wood and water are most beautifully connected with each other.