The Garden Guide

Book: Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening, 1795
Chapter: Catalogue of Humphry Repton's Red Books

Red Books

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CATALOGUE OF THOSE RED BOOKS From whence the following Extracts are made; or which are mentioned as containing further Elucidations of the Subjects introduced in this First Volume. PLACE. COUNTY. A SEAT OF; Antony House.. Cornwall.. Reginald Pole Carew, Esq., M.P. Babworth.. Nottinghamshire Honourable John Bridgman Simpson.; Bessacre Manor.. Yorkshire.. B. D. W. Cook, Esq.; Brandsbury.. Middlesex.. Honourable Lady Salusbury.; Brocklesby.. Lincolnshire.. Right Honourable Lord Yarborough.; Brookmans.. Herts. S. R. Gaussen, Esq.; Buckminster.. Leicestershire.. Sir William Manners, Bart.; Castle Hill.. Middlesex.. H. Beaufoy, Esq., M.P.; Catchfrench.. Cornwall.. F. Glanville, Esq.; Claybury.. Essex.. James Hatch, Esq.; Cobham Park.. Kent. Earl Darnley.; Courteen Hall.. Northamptonshire. Sir William Wake, Bart.; Crewe Hall.. Cheshire... John Crewe, Esq., M.P.; Culford... Suffolk... Marquis Cornwallis.; Donington... Leicestershire. Earl Moira.; Ferney Hall.. Shropshire.. Late Sam. Phipps, Esq.; Finedon... Northamptonshire. J. English Dolben, Esq.; Garnons... Herefordshire.. J. G. Cotterell, Esq. [In 1838, Sir J.G. Cotterell, Bart.]; Gayhurst.. Bucks... George Wrighte, Esq.; Glevering... Suffolk... Chaloner Arcedeckne, Esq; Hanslope Park. Bucks... Edward Watts, Esq.; Hazells Hall.. Bedfordshire.. Francis Pym, Esq.; Herriard's House. Hampshire... G. Purefoy Jervoise, Esq.; Holkham.. Norfolk... T. W. Coke, Esq., M.P. [In 1838, the Earl of Leicester.]; Holme Park.. Berkshire... Richard Palmer, Esq,; Holwood... Kent. Right Honourable W. Pitt. [In 1838, John Ward, Esq.]; Lamer... Herts... Lieutenant-Colonel C. Drake Garrard.; Langley Park.. Kent.... Sir Peter Burrell, Bart, M.P. [In 1838, E. Goodhart, Esq.]; Lathom... Lancashire.. Wilbraham Bootle, Esq.; Little Green.. Sussex... Thomas Peckham Phipps, Esq.; Livermere Park. Suffolk... N. Lee Acton, Esq.; Milton... Cambridgeshire. Samuel Knight, Esq.; Milton Park.. Northamptonshire. Earl Fitzwilliam.; Nacton... Suffolk. P. B. Broke, Esq.; Northrepps... Norfolk... Bartlet Gurney, Esq.; Ouston...Yorkshire... Bryan Cook, Esq.; Port Eliot.. Cornwall... Eight Honourable Lord Eliot.; Prestwood. Staffordshire.. Honourable Edward Foley, M.P.; Purley... Berkshire.. Anthony Morris Storer, Esq.; Riven Hall.. Essex... C. C. Western, Esq., M.P.; Rudding Hall. Yorkshire.. Lord Loughborough, L.H. Chancellor.; Scrielsby..Lincolnshire.. Honourable the Champion Dymock.; Sheffield Place.Sussex... Right Honourable Lord Sheffield.; Stoke Pogies..Bucks... John Penn, Esq.; Stoke Park..Herefordshire.. Honourable E. Foley, M.P.; Stoneaston..Somersetshire. Hippesley Coxe, Esq., M.P.; Sundridge..Kent. E. G. Linde, Esq. [In 1838, Sir Saml. Scott, Bart.]; Sunninghill..Berks... James Sibbald, Esq.; Tatton Park.Cheshire... William Egerton, Esq., M.P.; Thoresby..Nottinghamshire Charles Pierrepont, Esq., M.P.; Trewarthenick.Cornwall... Fr. Gregor, Esq., M.P.; Tyrringham..Bucks... William Praed, Esq., M.P.; Waresley..Essex. Sir Geo. Allanson Winn, Bart., M.P.; Welbeck..Nottinghamshire His Grace the Duke of Portland.; Wembly...Middlesex.. Richard Page, Esq.; Whersted..Suffolk. Sir Robert Harland, Bart.; Widdial Hall.Herts... J. T. Ellis, Esq.; [Most, or perhaps all, of these places still exist, though, doubtless, a number of them have changed proprietors. We have endeavoured to ascertain what changes have taken place, but with very little success. This, however, is a matter of little consequence, as the real value of this work consists in the illustrative descriptions and engravings, which are altogether independent of the names of either persons or places.-J. C. L.]