The Garden Guide

Book: Observations on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1803
Chapter: Chapter XIII. Ancient Mansions

Port Eliot House, Cornwall 2

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The south front of the house being only about fourscore feet distant from the Abbey, it is impossible to view it, except in such perspective as must shew it very much foreshortened. For this reason, as it appears by the drawing, the west end of the house, though containing only two windows, is more conspicuous than the whole south front, in which there are twenty-six; it is therefore the more necessary that this small part of the building which faces the west should be enriched by such ornaments as may be in harmony with the Gothic character of the Abbey: the Venetian window, and the paladian window over it, may be externally united into one Gothic window, which, by its size and character, will extend the importance of the Abbey to the whole of the mansion *. *[A beautiful specimen of thus uniting two floors by one window, may be seen at SHEFFIELD PLACE, where, I believe, it was first introduced by Mr. James Wyatt.]