The Garden Guide

Book: London Parks and Gardens, 1907
Chapter: Chapter 7 Municipal Parks in South London

Deptford Park

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DEPTFORD PARK Deptford Park is a complete contrast to the semi-rural Dulwich. It is in one of the most densely-populated and poor districts, where it is greatly needed, and has been open since 1897. The site was market-gardens, and was sold by the owner, Mr. John Evelyn, below its value, to benefit the neighbourhood. It is merely a square, flat, open space of 17 acres, with only a few young trees planted round the outskirts. Near the principal entrance in Lower Road, the approach is by a short walk between two walls. Along either side of the pathway, and for some little distance to the right and left, after the open space is reached, a nice border of herbaceous plants has been made along the wall, and a few beds placed in the grass on either side, and ornamental trees planted. Thus the entrance to this wide playground is made cheerful and attractive, and a pleasant contrast to the grimy streets outside.