The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 7. Garden Wells

Well buckets

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The buckets used are both round and square in plan, and generally wider above than below. Their attachment to the well-rope or bamboo rod is effected by means of a flat wooden bar fixed across the mouth. For Garden Wells the buckets, pulley, and rope are purposely made as antique looking as possible. Porcelain rope pulleys are occasionally introduced. The overhanging pulley-frame or gallows is made of squared timbers or of irregularly rounded logs, to be in accord with the rough or elaborate character of the well-frame. The designs for the roof over the pulley are also numerous and quaint, sometimes affording examples of most exquisite joinery work, and at other times purposely rough and decayed looking. Occasionally the roof is made large enough to cover the whole Well, and is supported by two posts and a lintel instead of a projecting bracket. The use of a complete well-shed, covering the whole of the Well together with the draining floor around, is common in kitchen yards, and in a more elaborate form may be seen in temple grounds; but it is not usually an adjunct of Wells when considered merely as garden ornaments.