The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 6. Garden Enclosures

Japanese hedging plants

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GARDEN HEDGES. The use of Hedges as garden enclosures is very common in suburban and rural localities. It is not unusual to see thick Hedges, as high as fifteen or sixteen feet, made of closely planted Kaname (Photinia glabra), Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) Maki (Podocarpus macrophylla), Tsuge (Buxus japonica), or Kashi (Quercus l£vigata). As some of these trees do not send out branches close to the ground they are often surrounded by an outer bamboo fence about six feet high. Such natural enclosures are carefully trimmed and clipped, generally to a square form, and they are sometimes pierced with arched openings. These archways may be seen fitted with a square timber frame-work, having recessed wooden gates of very ornamental appearance. The Camellia tree is occasionally used for Hedges in country districts.