The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 2. Garden Stones

Lake and river stones are placed by water

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LAKE AND RIVER STONES. Numerous ornamental stones are used in connection with the lakes, streams, cascades, and artificial torrents of gardens. The following appertain to garden rivers and lakes: � "Mandarin-duck Stones" (fuwo-seki),�a couple of boulders used upon the banks of a lake or stream, and intended to suggest a pair of these sleeping water-fowl, which are referred to in the Chinese classics as models of conjugal fidelity. These stones are also often placed on an island beach. "Water-diverting Stone" (Suigio-seki,)�situated at the mouth of a river to divert the current and add interest and variety to the stream. "Sentinel Stone" (Metsuki-ishi),�fixed on the extreme edge of a river or lake, and named after a class of feudal detectives, on account of its post of outlook. "Angling Stone" (Suicho-seki),�a high stone with a flat top, overhanging a stream, and affording a suitable seat for anglers. "Water-gate Stone" (Suimon-seki),�marking the outlet of a lake. "Falling-water Stone" (Rakusui-seki),�placed in the pool at the bottom of a water-fall, to receive the torrent and break it into spray. "Wave-receiving Stone" (Roju-seki),�laid in the current of a stream or lake to cause an eddy.