The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 11. Garden Vegetation

Vegetation for hiding and screening

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Other directions are given for the treatment of vegetation employed in different parts of ornamental grounds. Trees planted near a garden river or lake should lean over the water so as to shade it, and be reflected in it; beside a garden bridge some tree of quaint shape will often be placed and treated in this manner. Foliage surrounding a cascade should be arranged to hide a portion of the water fall. A stone lantern requires a tree or shrub near it, with one of its branches crossing in front of the fire-box, and partially intercepting the light. Shrubs or plants grown beside screen-fences are oddly called Sode-ga-ka, or "Scent of the Fence," not with reference to their perfume, but simply implying attractiveness. Growths thus used should be of picturesque shape, and trees with open branches and sparse foliage, such as the Nandina domestica and Lespedeza bicolor, are mostly chosen.